Bridge of Spies


Release date: October 4th 2015

It’s been a while since I left the theater feeling truly moved.

And boy was I surprised this movie made me feel this way.

I love Tom Hanks as much as the next person…actually probably a little more, but the subject matter of this film did not at first make me run to the theater to see it.

Needless to say, I waited. But seeing as it is now nominated for the Best Picture Oscar I felt it was time.

The first chunk of the film is rather uneventful….uneventful isn’t the right word.

A lot of stuff happens, it just doesn’t feel very problematic. It is definitely filled with important character development and necessary introduction, but this movie doesn’t really get going until about 40 minutes in.

Where the first part felt anti-climactic, the rest is …climactic. This movie keeps you on the edge of your seat with its impeccable writing. Both in dialogue and screenplay, there are many motifs that carry through to increase the suspense, drama and even a few laughs.

And yes, there is actually a bridge.

For the most part, the stylistic choices for the film were good! A few moments of cinematography were distracting. Bright lights tended to look foggy. (Maybe it was just my theater. Maybe I should have cleaned my contact lenses first.)

Likewise, a few editing choices seemed to confused the storyline a bit. It was a cool effect, but continuing a thought with two different ideas doesn’t necessarily work. Aside from those few moments the editing was, as good editing is supposed to be, pretty unnoticeable.

My favorite thing about seeing movies in theaters is watching the credits. This is the time I give myself to process what I just watched. To think about the choices they made in terms of filmmaking to enhance the story and deliver the message they want to.

With this film, it was a very simple, and quite relevant, one.

“Every person matters.”




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