Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


Release Date: February 5th, 2016

This film is exactly what it promises.

Pride and Prejudice

and Zombies.

The thing with recreating something as iconic as Pride and Prejudice is that most people are already familiar with the storyline. Luckily, this movie didn’t depart from the classic…merely fleshed it out a bit differently.

If you aren’t aware, this movie is based on the book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith which is based on the book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

One could say Grahame-Smith dominates the turning history/classic literary works into something of a supernatural conspiracy. See Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, The Last American Vampire, among others.

I enjoyed this movie. I mean…it’s not going to win anything, but it was entertaining…plus zombies are huge right now.

Surprisingly, these brand of zombies are different. They aren’t the slow, kinda dumb, kinda make you question how anybody actually dies brand of zombies. These zombies are smart and fast. They plan and can make traps in order to get the brains. They can talk. I find that pretty terrifying. The characteristic these zombies possess is key to the plot.

The plot.

For the most part it made sense. This movie, at its core, is still the story of the Bennet sisters and their plight to find love, but it also had to make sense that there were zombies. And it did. Not to give anything away, but the characters are the same as the un-zombie version, but their roles and back stories are a bit different and some even play bigger roles.

I really think exaggerating the role of *SPOILER ALERT* Mr. Wickam worked well for this movie. He is, aside from the hordes of the un-dead, the antagonist of the film. His history with Mr. Darcy stays mostly true to the original story, but that plays into the overall conflict for the film. *END SPOILER ALERT*

This was an entertaining and pretty decent film, but there were a still few huh? moments.

The geography plays an important role so let me back up. London is encircled by a great wall, outside of the wall is a land called the In-Between and some distance outside of that is a Canal that encircles all of London and the In-Between. There is only one remaining bridge over the Canal. The Bennet’s live in Hertfordshire, which is outside of the canal a short distance.

Back to the huh? moments…Towards the end of the film there is a rescue/fight sequence. Mr. Darcy arrives at a location in the In-Between around dusk, he does some stuff and he gets out of there. It is now sometime in the night. Then he begins a fight sequence, still night, the movie cuts to Elizabeth doing some stuff and cuts back to the fight and it is now …dawn? Had they been fighting all night? Huh?

The timing doesn’t really make a lot of sense towards the end, so I suggest taking it with a grain of salt. Or blame it on weird editing.

Also, the movie had some moments that were just over-sexualized, but I give them props for making some badass female characters who care more about being warriors than finding a man. *SPOILER* They still get the man.

I’ve always liked Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s story and it is the same in this adaptation. They are more about being equals. Independent people, but being/killing zombies together. Slightly feminist side note: I really liked that he asked to be her husband, not the typical “will you be my wife?”. It just seemed kinda progressive and more equal. I liked it.

Lastly, the movie was funny. Different from the original source, but it made a classic literary tale about love and zombie killing a little lighter.


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