Release date: February 12th, 2016

I feel the need to start with a disclaimer: I do not enjoy when movies break the 4th wall (aka talk to the audience) and this movie did a whole lot of that.

In my opinion, when movies address the audience you become aware that you are watching a work of fiction and that “reality” that has been created on-screen loses it’s credibility.

I think a lot of the reason this movie was made was because Ryan Reynolds was really disappointed in the Deadpool that was shown in X Men Origins: Wolverine. Actually, I know this to be true because it’s just short of mentioned by name during the film. There are plenty of cracks at Hugh Jackman, the previous film version of Deadpool (including an action figure, jokes about sewing his mouth shut, etc.), and even jabs at Ryan Reynolds himself (People’s Sexiest Man Alive cover) and his previous film experience (“Whatever you do don’t make the suit green…or animated!”). All those jokes were funny, but they once again took away from the reality of the story we are supposed to be focused on.

The time that was most annoying was when *SPOILER ALERT* Collusus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are trying to take Deadpool back to Dr. X and he says, “McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines are confusing!” This is just one of many times he makes mention of the other films in that universe and even Deadpool itself and that the studio couldn’t afford any other X-Men.

This movie also spent a lot of time explaining things.

It opens right in the middle of the action, as Deadpool is on his way, by taxi, to take down some bad guys. The opening scene gives us a good sense of who this fast-talking, smart-mouthed, superhero …guy is. But we don’t really know who he was. The action freezes and Deadpool turns to the camera to introduce how he got to be this way. We watch some interesting developments in Wade Wilson’s life, then we are back to the first action sequence which is shortly thereafter interrupted with more explanation from his past before that beginning scene finally finishes, probably 40 minutes into the movie.

Deadpool was put together in an interesting way. Most of the screen time in the first half is explanation of his past told in flashbacks. I believe if the movie had been cut together in a more chronologically order, they wouldn’t have felt like flashbacks cut between present day action shots. The plot would have benefitted from this and flowed together better as a whole.

Certain characters got a lot of development…well just Deadpool really, maybe Francis, but that came from the wise-crackin’ mouth of Wade Wilson so who knows what was true. Then there is his girl, Vanessa, who was a prostitute, but now she loves Wade. That was about it for her. Then there was Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, the two X-Men who are trying to recruit Deadpool…I mean, I guess that’s what they were doing? They just kinda showed up and then helped out later, but why? I’m still unclear on that.

To be honest, I found this movie to be very flat. Yes, it was funny. Yes, it was raunchy. But in terms of conflict and the reason Deadpool had an enemy, he kinda brought it on himself.

In chronological order, Wade Wilson is kind of a terrible person, meets a prostitute, they fall in love over the course of a montage of sex scenes, he finds out he has cancer so he trusts a random guy he meets in a bar and *SPOILER ALERT* leaves his fiancée to undergo shady “make-you-a-superhero” treatment in an abandoned warehouse and then he is surprised that everything isn’t what it seems and then vows revenge on the “doctor” who took away his dashing good looks because now he can’t be seen by his fiancée because apparently it’s what’s on the outside that counts. *breathes*

He literally wants a guy dead because he isn’t hot anymore. The trailer makes it seem like he wants to kill him because he steals his girl, but really *SPOILER* it’s not until the last 30 minutes of the movie that she is taken, and that too, is because Deadpool acted first.

This review seems pretty negative, but let me defend the movie for a second. It is really funny and it’s an unconventional superhero movie. Ryan Reynolds is a great actor and has a lot of passion for this role, which can been seen in the extensive marketing campaign for the film. The soundtrack is pretty awesome and Deadpool is one hell of a badass.

As I warned you, I don’t enjoy when movies break the 4th wall so naturally I was gonna have some problems.



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