Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Release Date: January 26,2018

Maze Runner: The Death Cure. What can I say? This movie was WCKD.

…I’m so sorry.

First, let me add a disclaimer. This is the third film in the Maze Runner trilogy so for the sake of spoilers and this review making any sense, maybe only read on if you’ve seen the first two films.

I actually really enjoyed Dylan O’Brien…. I-I mean watching this movie.

Let’s be real…he’s a hottie…I mean I audibly said “He soooo cute” on more than one occasion while watching him this film in the theater.

Anyways, the third installment of the Maze Runner trilogy picks up a few months after Teresa stabs her “friends” in the back. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien ❤ ) and the rest of the Gladers are teamed up with the Right Arm. The driving force in this film is getting Minho and the other kids, but mostly Minho, back from WCKD’s headquarters in the Last City.

As far as movies-based-on-young-adult-dystopian-fiction go this one was pretty good. Of course there were more than a few incredulous moments and decent amount of predictability, but overall this was an enjoyable film that still made sense without prior knowledge from the book. (Personal Disclaimer: People that like to compare books and movies drive me crazy, they are two different things!!) I will admit, though, there were a few times where I could have used some more explanation.


  • What exactly is the Flare virus and it’s side effects?
  • Why was Thomas employed at WCKD? He’s like 12. (Not really, he’s 26. My crush on him is perfectly normal.)
  • What horrible parents turned all their kids over to a lab?

These questions could have been because I haven’t watched the prequels recently. It also could have been that there needed to be more explanation in the film….or at least a summary before. “Previously on Maze Runner…” Anyone?

Even though it had been a while since watching the previous films I still found myself invested in this story and the characters. Granted at first I couldn’t remember their names, but I felt the film did have a great way of evoking the proper emotion from the audience. You still knew who to care for and who not too. Looking at you, Teresa. You knew who to cry for. *SPOILER ALERT* Looking at you Newt 😦

Back to the incredulous moments. There were a few, but there was one where I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

About halfway through the film *SPOILER ALERT* Thomas, Newt, and Minho find themselves trapped in a room on the twenty-somethingth floor of WCKD’s headquarters. The only way out is through the glass window. Right before the bad guys get in they break the window and jump….and land in a pool, probably no more than 4 feet deep. I mean…I’m no physics expert, but I don’t think you would swim away from that scot-free.

This was an action heavy movie and the stunts/effects were very well done even if they were a little ridiculous. The film’s cast is made up of a lot of children, which almost make you feel uncomfortable watching such a violent film, but that’s probably on purpose.

The filmmakers want you to feel uncomfortable. After all the movie is about people who sacrifice children to try to find a cure to the Flare virus that is destroying their world.

What I like about this story is that our protagonist, Thomas, along with the Gladers and the Right Arm are more so the pacifists. Yes, they fight to get their friends back, but their mission is never *SPOILER ALERT* to take down WCKD. Gally (who isn’t dead anymore?) and the group he is with do that job in the end.

Most of this movie is pretty predictable…like you can see what’s coming from a mile ahead. That is until the end. I appreciated that this story wrapped up in a place I didn’t expect. I think The Death Cure serves as a satisfying conclusion to the Maze Runner franchise.

Overall, I enjoyed this film! The visuals were great, the acting was mostly good, and it was entertaining.

With the added benefit of Dylan O’Brien. #swoon







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