A Quiet Place

Release date: April 6th, 2018

I’ve never heard a movie theater that was so quiet in my life. This includes the time I saw X Men Origins: Wolverine in a theater by myself….jk.

Seriously though, I never knew a movie with such few sounds or dialogue could be soooo good. I have John Krasinksi to thank for this I guess. Not only did he star in the movie he also directed, wrote and co-produced the film. Ben Affleck style.

A Quiet Place is about a family who is living in a dystopian world where they must be silent to survive. The film starts in a sort of flashback, day 89, in which we witness *SPOILER ALERT* the death of the Abbott family’s youngest son. The little boy finds a toy space ship in a store and even after having it taken from him, he ends up with it on the trail back home and turns it on. The film jumps forward about a year at this point, but that tragedy is a huge piece of the story and these characters.

John Krasinski plays the father and he is accompanied by such a great cast. Emily Blunt, his real-life wife, played his movie-wife. Noah Jupe played the older son and Millicent Simmonds, who is arguably the main character, played their daughter.

All of the posters feature Emily Blunt, who delivers (pun intended) a great performance. She is the mother and a driving force in the storyline, but I really think the daughter has a much more meaningful role and received the most character development.

She is deaf in a world where any sound can mean being ripped to shreds by what can only be described as spider-people with overly sensitive auditory systems. And she ends up being *SPOILER ALERT* the hero. Her weakness ends up being her greatest strength. She is literally the opposite of the monsters and is able to provide redemption for all of the characters in some way. It is, in fact, quite beautiful.

Needless to say, this film is very well written. It weaves very relatable themes of loss, surviving within your means, and searching for your loved-ones approval all within the horror movie plot of being eaten by monsters. There are a few moments where the filmmakers (er…John Krasinski) are specifically going for a scare, but overall I don’t think it was that scary. I may have even cried and by that I mean I did cry.

Even though, A Quiet Place may not have been The Ring scary, the world these character’s live in would make anyone fearful. I think that’s why the theater was so silent.

It wasn’t that people didn’t want to be rude to their fellow movie-goers, it was because the audience was under the belief that a loud sound would mean danger. The reality being presented on screen becomes so believable to the audience that for that hour and half we are another character in that world. To me that means that movie worked and the director did his job.


And that ending. Perfect.


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