I Feel Pretty


Release date: April, 20th 2018

I think this is the statement Amy Schumer wanted the audience to walk away saying, but it translated better to “I Feel Pretty?”

This movie did a lot of things well…for the first 75% of the film. Let me list those things:

  1. Amy Schumer’s acting! Very believable as woman who hates her body/herself and as a way over-confident, at times endearing person. Also, she wears the shortest shirts and we never see her vagina. Mad props!
  2. It was funny! I laughed a lot! A great mix of self-deprecating and stupid humor. My personal fav.
  3. Relatable! The idea of this film is suuuuuper close to home for lots of people. Everybody deals with some form of insecurity. Also, that joke about the high school reunion. lol (Don’t ask)

The problem with this film was its delivery. Like when a joke is being set up really well, but when the punchline finally comes your like “Whaaaaaat?”

I Feel Pretty is about a woman, Rene (played by Amy Schumer) who doesn’t feel that way about herself. She is insecure and hides in Spanx and frankly, in plain sight. She works for the company she admires, Lilly Leclaire, but in the hidden-in-a-basement division. Clearly, she is hoping and wishing to see herself differently and to feel beautiful one day. That day happens when she goes to a Soulcycle class and promptly falls off the bike and hits her head. She then wakes up with ALL the confidence in the world.

Rene then thinks *SPOILER ALERT* that she is the most beautiful person on the planet. This new confidence gets her a boyfriend, admiration, her dream job, more admiration, better friends, even more admiration and eventually she starts to become an asshole. Eventually, she hits her head again and the confidence is gone.

The confusing part for the audience is that she never looks different. Rene thinks she looks different, but she doesn’t. Her appearance never changes. So what happened to her? Was it a wish? Was it magic? Was it a traumatic brain injury? This didn’t really bother me until the beginning of the end of the film, when she *SPOILER ALERT* hits her head again and is back to insecure Rene. She says, “It’s gone.” But what’s gone?????

There are movies similar to this. Some that are examples in the film itself…*cough* Big. Yet in Big or Shallow Hal the audience sees the change. We see what the character sees, which makes it believable. 

After the magic is gone the writing gets a little wonky and the resolution takes too long to develop. Her character’s choices don’t seem realistic and the consequences are as equally unbelievable. Frankly, her actions and that scene in the bar with Ethan was annoying.

By the end of the end of the film it starts to come back together, but I was still so confused by the falling action that I wasn’t emotionally invested in these characters anymore.

I think this film had some really nice things to say about being yourself and being confident in who you are, but the delivery of that message got a little messy. It is still funny, entertaining, and has some good eye candy, but there is a reason it has a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes.


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