Deadpool 2

Release date: May 18th, 2018

You know what? I liked it.

Let me clarify, I hated the first one, Deadpool. It was humorous, but poorly written with no character development and very little plot with nothing but crass jokes about Hugh Jackman. This one, Deadpool 2, was different…mostly.

First of all, the writing was tremendously better! The same crass jokes about Hugh Jackman, but this one actually had a storyline. And there was more than 1 character!

I mean technically the first movie had a few characters, but it felt like it was only really about Deadpool. No other characters even got developed in the first one, not Vanessa, not TJ Miller, not…….well never mind. If you really want to hear me rant about Deadpool you can read that review here.

Anyways, Deadpool 2 starts with the *SPOILER ALERT* death of Vanessa which sets Wade on a journey of discovery of both himself and the other f-word. Family.

He gathers a team of like-minded, morally grey individuals to help him protect a troubled young boy named Russell, with powers that could cause him to go down a very bad path. A path so bad, that Josh Brolin  Cable comes back from the future to try to stop him.

The writers did a great job of developing these characters. You feel for Russell, self-titling as Fire Fist, (played by Julian Dennison who was great in a movie called Hunt for the Wilderpeople, go see it) and understand why he acts the way he does. You feel for Collusus! You even feel for Cable!

This isn’t just a typical superhero movie either. It’s terribly funny, full of action, with surprising amounts of emotions and a sprinkling of evil. I mean come on…they are all kind of villains right? Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad?

Anywho…What this film does wrong is that it gets in the way of itself. Like in the meta way that Deadpool is always talking about how Ryan Reynolds is an idiot for agreeing to be the Green Lantern.

There were actual times in this movie that had real emotion. Times when it would have been best to be in the story for a moment. But in the middle of that moment Wade makes some crack about cream cheese spreaders, or baby legs, or how the studio couldn’t afford any actual X-Men.

In those moments it feels like a spoof. The kind of spoof where the audience doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The humor impeded the drama.

This is exactly why breaking the 4th wall doesn’t typically work for me.* It takes you out of the story and makes you realize you are watching a movie, not a character in that world.

*Fight Club does not apply to this rule

As I stated in my previous review for Deadpool, I was gonna have some problems, but the meta-ness and speaking to the audience bothered me less in the sequel because I was prepared for it.

I appreciated this film for what it was, what I expected it to be and it actually surprised me. There was depth, and characters that went somewhere and lots of raunchy jokes and it allowed me to forget about the problems of my reality for a moment.

There is a quote towards the end of the film that I thought was really quite beautiful and really summed up the film, both in story and as it’s role as entertainment.

“Pain through the prism of humor.”

I believe Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool so much because Wade Wilson is kind of like all of us. Maybe a little worse, but aren’t we all self-centered and morally-grey at times, and I think the best of us filter our pain through a prism of humor.


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