Pitch Perfect 3


Release Date: December 21, 2017

One word: Aca-ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong…I love Pitch Perfect. I want to camp out in their aca-beautiful fantasy world where young college students professional adults can miss work/quit their jobs and take off on a USO tour they pretty much invited themselves on.

Pitch Perfect 3 picks up a few year after the original Bellas have graduated college. They are in the “disillusionment phase”…at least that’s what I call it. You know when you graduate college and you start to realize you can’t actually do whatever you set your mind too and sometimes what you always wanted to be doesn’t pan out. Too cynical…my bad.

Anyways, they are somehow all living in the New York City area even though they all went to school in rural Indiana or wherever Barden University is supposed to be. We see they are all not-quite enjoying their adult lives/jobs or lack there off. Naturally, after mistaking a current Bella’s performance as a reunion, they decide they are all in a perfect spot in life to take a few months off and join the USO tour overseas.

This movie is a lot like it’s predecessors. It was funny in that kinda trashy way, the plot was a little far-fetched and we got to watch them sing acapella. But I found it to be lacking too.

The plot line was pretty flat and rather fast paced. The other two movies thrived on the competition nature of acapella singing in college, but this one had to create something from nothing. The film also lacked singing oddly enough. All we got was *SPOILER ALERT* the new Barden Bellas performance in an aquarium, a weird sort-of riff off, one long montage to sum up the middle of the movie, and a solo-ish performance at the end. But where were the mash-ups?!?! I love when they layer different songs together…you know the “Bella sound”, but this movie really had none of that.

Some other questions I had while watching: When do they practice? Did they order those cute costumes before they left or did the Army provide them? Where are the Treblemakers? How do they have money?

Back to it being ridiculous. Fat Amy has a *SPOILER ALERT* father? All the sudden she gets this back story that her father is an evil drug lord? Still not clear on what evil her dad, played by John Lithgow with an Australian accent, was into, but he did want all her money and kidnapped the Bellas who in turn blew up his yahct…what did I just say? See…ridiculous.

Of course by the end they all seem to have magically gotten their shit together. Somehow taking a month off from reality gave them great clarity about what they really wanted in life and even helped some of them accomplish career goals. Especially Beca 😉 with some assistance from the ever weirdo, DJ Khaled. Did he produce this movie?

I still laughed and enjoyed it! And I’d see Pitch Perfect 4 if they made it…which I doubt they will. They tied things up pretty well in this one.

But at the end of the day nobody burns down a hotel room and knocks over an apiary full of bees quite like the Bellas.


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